Data Privacy? Statement by Dr. Thilo Weichert

The worldwide anti-doping system of the WADA and at German level the NADA is in principle unacceptable in terms of data protection: athletes wishing to take part in international competitions are forced to accept a procedure which violates their privacy and is to a certain degree degrading. A key aspect of this procedure is the requirement for the athlete to disclose their whereabouts via the ADAMS system of the WADA on a permanent basis for many weeks at a time so that they are accessible to anti-doping officers at any time without prior notice.
The eves system does not eliminate the systematic violations of privacy by the NADA and the WADA. However, the system is suitable for making the whereabouts procedure more flexible and above all more privacy-friendly. This is possible firstly by ensuring that no unmanageable anonymous circles of persons or organizations are in a position to find out the whereabouts of those concerned. In addition, the procedure also allows, if accepted by the WADA and NADA, late registration pressure on athletes to be reduced and thereby allow for a more spontaneous lifestyle.
I hope that eves is developed further until it is ready for actual use in practice and is then offered by the WADA on a global basis, or at least by the NADA. As data protectionists we continue nevertheless to demand that the entire anti-doping procedures are placed on a footing which is both proportionate and compliant with data protection requirements.
Thilo Weichert, Director of the Independent Center for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein, December 2014.