The eves project was already started in 2012 by 400m runner and Olympic athlete Jonas Plass. Like a majority of professional athletes Jonas has to record his daily whereabouts in an online calendar in order to be found for unannounced doping controls. Most athletes have an understanding for the necessity of unannounced controls, nevertheless the way of doing it seems to be far off real life for many athletes.
Taking this into account Jonas assembled a team of various specialists over the course of the last months.
The announced goal of the research team is the developement of a system based on modern localization technology to benefit all stakeholders (athletes, DCOs and Anti-Doping insitutions) and simultaniously focusing on the aspcets of data protection in a higher degree.
Together with relevant athletes, fieldtesting and interviews the eves system will take form in the upcoming months. We love to keep you up to date. We hope for the developement of a transparent system which is designed and implemented together with athletes and the persons concerned.

Berlin, spring 2015